Modeling and design tools built for analysts

Whether you’re creating RFPs, submitting bids, or evaluating responses and transportation costs, you need analysis tools up to the task.

Optimize your operation, generate more business, and make better decisions with a configurable package of software tools designed to give analysts a clear picture of their business strategy, resources and profitability:

Route Planning

Territory Planning

✔ Delivery Schedule Optimization

Resource Planning

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Optimization Tools for Every Modeling Need

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Territory Planning

  • Create an overview of how your routes and drivers serve customers within a territory.
  • Design, balance and assess routes in a given territory by volume and over time to maintain driver/customer relationships.

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Delivery Schedule Optimization

  • Leverage historical data to optimize a customer's frequency of service and time window patterns.
  • Build routes over a repeating cycle and balance volume across your planning horizon.

Analyst - Routing

Route Planning

  • Develop optimal, cost-effective routes for each day of your planning cycle.
  • Create a variety of depot-centric routes: round-trip, one-way, multi-stop, local or OTR, or multi-day.
  • Generate routes according to multiple constraints, including time windows, truck capacity, special equipment and more.
  • Collect numerous route details, including arrival and departure times, mileage, utilization capacity and more.

Analyst - Resource Planning

Resource Planning

  • Determine the required number of resources needed to service your routes.
  • Create weekly Gantt charts and reports on trucks and drivers.
  • Streamline the fleet-sizing process for faster RFP and bid response times.
  • Consider singles or teams, sleepers or day cabs, straight truck or tractor-trailer in an exportable format.


A Specialized Piece of a Larger Puzzle

Appian provides an end-to-end solution for transport and logistics companies, but our analyst-focused tools provide specialized benefits to the analysts behind a wide range of businesses.

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Dedicated Carriers & 3PLs

We help organize and assess both your operation’s and your customer's data, making it easy to quickly and accurately respond to bids and maximize your profitability. Confidently take on new opportunities with the clearest picture of your fleet’s assets and activities.


Quickly import historical order information from Microsoft Excel to help create bids, audit RFP responses, and analyze a 3PL's ability to meet your needs. Model potential route changes, determine if transportation partners are underperforming, review potential for increased efficiencies, and better understand your distribution costs.

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Private Fleets

We help analysts, project managers, and fleet/order managers collect good data and provide key analytical insights to decision makers. Create an accurate model of your existing customers, routes and assets, easily model “What if?” changes, and ensure your fleet meets time window constraints to increase customer satisfaction.

“19 out of the top 20 dedicated Carriers use Appian”

– Transport Topics Top 50 Dedicated Carriers list

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