Modeling and design tools built for Analysts

Whether you need a faster way to bid on RFPs or wondering if your transportation costs are impacting  your profitability - you need analysis tools built for analysts. You need Appian.

Strategic Planning & Network Modeling
Fleet Sizing & Resource Optimization
Bid Efficiency & Accuracy
What-if Analysis


Dedicated Carriers

Accurately model, price, and analyze bids 
Increase productivity by expediting bid preparation and response times 
Optimize resource utilization by determining the
optimal number of vehicles and drivers required to service an account
Easily compare “What-if” network scenarios to reduce driver hours, ensure HOS compliance, and lower cost
Easily import sample data and export analytics
using Excel

19 out of the top 20 dedicated carriers use Appian
Transport Topics Top 50 Dedicated Carriers list



Determine if your goods are being transported in the most efficient and cost-effective way
Audit current transportation costs
Analyze and better understand incoming bids from carriers
Negotiate carrier bids
Easily import sample data and export analytics
using Excel