Route optimization and dispatch software

Designed for distributors, private fleets and manufacturers, Appian helps optimize operations, control transportation spend, and provide superior customer service.

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Strategic Planning & Analyst Tools

Build cost-effective, customer-centric master routes, audit current transportation costs and model potential business changes with “what-if” scenarios


Optimized Daily Routing

Manage daily exceptions, varying order volumes, and capacity changes with route editing tools that provide robust decision support

driver apps

Dispatch & Mobile Apps

Assign routes and send changes; Provide drivers with electronic manifests, custom workflows, signature and photo capture, and commercial vehicle navigation

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Real-time Tracking & Visibility

Track vehicle locations and retrieve dynamic ETAs, view route progress, and provide delivery status information to customers


Business Intelligence Analytics

Analyze resource utilization and route profitability, evaluate average service times and delivery performance, and more

Introducing the Customer Communication Manager

Keep your customers informed with configurable real-time text and email notifications of order or delivery status changes. Available as an add-on service, this tool will help upgrade your workflow and enhance the customer experience.

  • Provide the superior delivery experience customers expect with live delivery  status updates.
  • Reduce customer confusion and the number of customer service calls.
  • Communicate with customers on their terms and provide complete visibility.
  • Customize notification content and choose the triggers that send them.
  • Get real-time ETA alerts at your preferred frequency.




Are you a dedicated carrier, 3PL, or shipper? Appian offers modeling and design tools for your analysts.

Whether you need to expedite bid prep and response times, or wonder if your transportation costs are in line with the market, our tools will help you gain insight into your operation.

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Top 5 Reasons Delivery Logistics Companies use Appian

We’ve made it easy to understand how Appian helps achieve optimal efficiency and performance - all while controlling costs.

Our 30 year trusted routing and scheduling optimization algorithm analyzes and considers all relevant factors in order to provide the most optimal, efficient, and cost-effective route schedules.

Delivery-time windows & customer delivery schedules
Total number & location of stops required on the route
Fleet & vehicle capacity
Vehicle specific routing
Resource to customer matching
Driver schedules & delivery locations
Minimizing total distance & work time

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Appian Is an All-in-One, End-to-End Fleet Routing & Scheduling Workflow Solution

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Iplex Increases Operational Efficiency 

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Managing Change: Best Practices on How to Implement a Re-route Strategy

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Optimization for Every Industry


Food Service

Manage varying order volumes and capacity and seasonality changes


Home Delivery

Use delivery time windows for last mile efficiency, while keeping customers informed along the way


Building Supply

Control field operations with an electronic route calendar that gets the right equipment on the right truck with the right driver



Efficiently keep up with ever-changing demand while controlling transportation spend

"The best thing about Appian is the whole thing."

- Bonnie White, Logistics Routing Manager, Savers

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