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1.75 million professional drivers use CoPilot
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Keeps drivers and loads safe in the last mile with navigation that takes into account truck entry and exit gates at commercial locations.


Boost route compliance and measure driver performance through post-trip analysis of the planned versus actual route.


Maximize revenue and your bottom line with overall reduced fuel and operating costs.

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Enhance customer service and on-time deliveries with precise, dynamic ETAs based on real-time road conditions.

Powered by PC*MILER

CoPilot is rooted in the same routing engine and map data as PC*MILER, the industry standard in commercial mileage and routing. You can feel confident that when you use PC*MILER for back office planning and CoPilot for commercial in cab navigation, your business operations are consistent from the back office to the vehicle.

Using commercial location data, both in the back office and the vehicle, can help streamline operations, provide insight into ETAs, and keep drivers safe and efficient, especially in the last mile. Listen in as we take a deeper dive with John Paape from Roehl Transport on why they partnered with us to help improve last-mile routing for drivers while keeping safety at the forefront. 

Utilizing precise location data for improved efficiency and driver safety in the last mile - Tech in


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How do we make commercial maps?

Selecting the right map data provider is key to your business.

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The power of commercial location data in the last mile

A competitive advantage for fleets.

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Don’t be the next carrier in the headlines for a bridge collapse

Here’s how to minimize risks of GPS routing.

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Why consumer navigation apps fail trucking fleets

Consumer-grade GPS navigation is great when you need to drive a passenger vehicle...

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Top 5 ways a comprehensive commercial navigation solution can improve fleet efficiency - down to the last mile

Navigation is more than turn-by-turn directions. With a comprehensive commercial navigation solution, you can connect the back office to the vehicle to streamline dispatch operations, get real-time insights, and provide critical routing and guidance in the last mile. In this webinar, we’ll present the top 5 ways navigation can go beyond an address - and improve efficiency fleet-wide.

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7-minute demo: How to leverage verified, commercial location data for precise routing and navigation in the last mile

By utilizing verified commercial location data, both fleets and drivers can get more precise estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and give drivers proper instructions to guide them from the interstate to the loading gate.

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