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You're not just a truck driver. You're a professional driver running a complex business. You need to make decisions that directly affect your bottom line on and off the road. Those decisions are crucial for not only your business, but your safety, the safety of others, and your family.

We've designed our driver focused solutions to help independent drivers, owner operators and truck company owners run their business safely and profitably. From HOS trip planning to truck-safe navigation to industry standard mileage, we've got cost-effective solutions built for you the professional driver.


Hours of Service Trip Planning App

Get more out of your miles with the trip planning app made for truck drivers

Take the guesswork out and start planning trips with PC*MILER commercial routing & costs
Avoid Hours of Service violations and easily plug in your pickup, delivery with any hours of service breaks in between
Improve customer service & hit delivery windows by knowing what lies ahead with live traffic & weather
Stop where you want to, when you need to at truck stops with the amenities you want
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CoPilot Truck navigation
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CoPilot Truck is available through many Telematics Systems. Please contact your telematics provider to learn more.
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Navigation App Built for Truckers

Smart route planning and offline navigation for a better life on and off the road

Avoid low bridges and truck restricted roads using industry standard PC*MILER routing
Designed to be non-distracting in the cab, so you can concentrate on the road
Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle, load, and amount of stops in your route
Save money avoiding fines and reduce fuel usage with less time wasted on out-of-route miles
Real-time traffic info helps you avoid potential delays, get a precise ETA and deliver on time

Precise Mileage & Routing

Access the industry’s most trusted truck mileage and routing anywhere, anytime.

Industry standard PC*MILER mileage for rate calculation and driver pay
Generate safe, efficient routes with with detailed, turn-by-turn driving directions
Access various reporting options for fuel tax, accounting, and cost comparisons
Real-time traffic to avoid potential delays and obtain precise ETAs for on-time delivery
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