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Every day, things are changing on the road. Today, more than ever, we need to be a community that works together to collect, curate, and distribute critical information to professional drivers. Here's what we're doing for the COVID 19 pandemic to help the transportation community as they keep America moving.

Trimble MAPS COVID-19 Safe Havens

COVID-19 Safe Haven Web App, Free for Anyone.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, some essential break locations for drivers are closing completely, or closing certain amenities, like showers and restaurants. To help navigate this ever-changing information, we have launched a free web app that displays truck stop status and amenity information, where available. The goal is to help our community understand which locations are closed and which conveniences are open for drivers.

Currently available in North America only.

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Anyone in the transportation industry can access our free web app. Send this link to anyone you think can use it. The web app is available on desktop or mobile devices. No login or email address is required.

Help us help drivers

By using our FREE COVID-19 Safe Haven web app, you can easily tell us whether a truck stop or rest area is open or closed, or what amenities and conveniences are available. Simply tap or click  “Open” or “Closed” or tap on the amenity to change its status. We'll then verify the information, and get it updated in our apps as soon as possible.

Open or Closed


“Our drivers move hundreds of miles a day carrying emergency supplies and food to keep our country running. Yet, an important part of their support mechanism, the network of truck stops with food, fuel, showers, parking and accommodation, are partially or fully closed. Using the COVID-19 Safe Haven web app from Trimble MAPS gives them peace-of-mind knowing the safe havens along their route as they complete their critical supply chain duties.”

– Michael Pettrey, President, C&M Transport

“We have long recognized Trimble MAPS as the leader in their field and their COVID-19 Safe Haven web app is another great example of their forward, innovative thinking. They made it very easy for us to quickly integrate their driver safe haven interactive map with our TMS and our driver mobile app, Circle Mobile. We all have a responsibility to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain. Thanks to Trimble MAPS, giving drivers easy access to this powerful safe-haven tool helps meet that responsibility.”

– Stuart Sutton, President and CEO, Full Circle TMS


How are you verifying data, including crowdsourced information?

For all location information, whether it's our location information or crowdsourced data, our digital cartographers, on a daily basis, are reaching out to truck stops and rest areas, including Walmart parking facilities, to validate current status before we push it out to the products. Althought we can't commit to it being 100% accurate, we are working diligently to fact check statuses and amenity information before publishing.

How do I get the web app on my mobile device?

Simply enter the URL covid19.trimblemaps.com directly into any web browser on your mobile device. The web app does not require an app download from an app store. If you would like to save the web app to your homescreen, use the Share or Menu icons on your device and click "Add to Homescreen."

What are the features of the web app? How do I use it?

Check out our Getting Started Guide. Get a tour of features as well as how to use them.


MileOn by PC*MILER

FREE Access to MileOn by PC*MILER for 60 Days

To further reduce uncertainty and alleviate stress for drivers, MileOn by PC*MILER, our driver trip planning app, will utilize the same data to help make sure closed rest areas or truck stops are not displayed as break locations in a driver’s trip plan.

MileOn also has and Hours of Service feature to suggest where and when to break, verified parking information in 8 states, allowing drivers to see how many parking spots are available at particular locations, and helps the driver know what's ahead with real-time traffic congestion and weather alerts.

Get access to 60 days free with these instructions >


FREE On Demand Webinar

The Impact of COVID-19 on Professional Drivers: How Commercial Map Intelligence Can Help

Drivers on the front lines everyday - ensuring the fast, safe movement and delivery of essential items to our communities. They're working around the clock to make sure grocers are stocked, medical supplies are delivered, and cleaning products are available. More than ever, they need access to technology that supports them along the way. What truck stops and rest areas are open? Are restaurants open and showers available? Where can drivers find safe, reliable parking?

In this webinar, see how we're collecting, curating, and distributing truck stop status and amenity information through our commercial map intelligence platform to help drivers and the transportation community. We're all in this together.

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