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Grocery delivery: discover why route planning and navigation apps have become business-critical!

Ep4 Will



Route smarter with our commercial vehicle-specific routing

Planning and reporting on vehicle routes is a complex task, especially when you have to consider vehicle dimensions, load, road restrictions, toll costs, and other factors. Doing all of this manually will not only waste time and resources but will result in poor routes that can be dangerous and costly. Listen to our expert, Will Gilbert, discuss how our solutions can be used to plan safe and legal commercial vehicle specific routes, in addition to generating reports that will calculate the expected costs.

Will-Gilbert (1)  

Will Gilbert

Sales Engineer




Ep1 Giovanni - Ondemand



EPISODE 1: Smart technology designed to minimise risk and maximise safety on the road!

Driving a truck is a serious responsibility, not only for the drivers but also for the Shipper. Every day, there are reports of bridge collisions, expensive manoeuvres, injuries, and, even fatalities caused by improper driver and vehicle configurations. That’s why it’s important to find tools that will increase safety and allow drivers to focus on what they do best, drive!
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Giovanni Cattani

Product Manager


Ep2 Martyn - Ondemand



EPISODE 2: A behind-the-scenes look at our automated trip visibility and dynamic ETA technology

The movement of freight has become increasingly complex — from traffic to hours of services regulations, to driver breaks and dwell times. Along with the need to provide customers with reliable ETAs and asset visibility. But how can this be achieved and what is the key to success?

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Martyn Fisher  

Martyn Fisher

Sales Engineer


Ep3 Matt - On demand



EPISODE 3: Grocery delivery: discover why route planning and navigation apps have become business-critical!

This is the year where commercial routing and navigation solutions have become a business necessity. With more people spending time at home and the demand for online grocery shopping growing, the fact is that retailers are required to implement new technologies and strategies or they will be unable to satisfy demand.


Matt Conby

Strategic Account Director

In case you missed it




How to leverage verified, commercial location data for precise routing and navigation in the last-mile

By utilizing verified commercial location data, both fleets and drivers can get more precise estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and give drivers proper instructions to guide them from the interstate to the loading gate.

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Kelly Loizos

Product Manager

trimble_cep_final_v4 (2)-1



Achieving precision in the last-mile

David will be discussing a few of the challenges that we have seen first hand from working with some of the top courier express postal business’ across the globe and showcasing example of our unique enterprise-grade routing, mapping and navigation solutions that have transformed their workflows by continuously keeping all stakeholders in the picture and manage expectations with exact visibility of the location and arrival times.

David Black & White (1)  

David Quin 

European Strategy



How to leverage commercial map intelligence for your unique business needs: use cases & examples

Discover how your business can take advantage of our flexible and scalable technology and data to build commercial map intelligence that drives revenue, improves operational efficiency, and keeps assets safe.

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dan popkin  

Dan Popkin 

Vice President


Transparency19 Demo- Trimble MAPS



Understanding automated trip management & what it means for a fleet

We had the pleasure of debuting our web and mobile APIs for trip management at FreightWaves Transparency 19, and presented an example use case that displays the power of automated trip visibility and data insight. 

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Rishi Mehra 


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