How to Leverage Commercial Map Intelligence for Your Unique Business Needs: Use Cases & Examples

Whether you're a fleet looking to improve operations or a solution provider looking to build competitive solutions – we can help.

Discover how your business can take advantage of our flexible and scalable technology and data to build commercial map intelligence that drives revenue, improves operational efficiency, and keeps assets safe.


Q&A: Top questions that were asked during the webinar:

How customizable are layers and filtering within maps?

They are highly customizable. You have full configurability into how a map is displayed – from your use of colors and polygons to different content metadata. You can view weather, turn on and off cloud cover, radar, and severe weather alert zones. This is just scratching the surface of what we offer with layering and filtering within our maps.

Can delivery time windows be included in route generation?

Yes, they can. One of our customers operates around 7,000 courier vans and every day they feed into our platform upwards of 150 delivery and collection points. These include very precise, open and close time windows, that we break up into individual routes and then optimize and sequence their collections and deliveries for the most optimal operation.

What factors do ETA calculation include?

We always start with the definition of a route - an origin, a destination, and any intermediate stops. From there we factor date and time – a route doesn’t necessarily need to be right now, but it could be a point of time in the future. Then we factor in traffic, with both real-time and predictive capabilities. Then we include weather and road surface conditions. Lastly, we look at HOS availability and incorporate any needed rest stops. All of those factor into the route calculation, travel time, and ETA. We also have a driver companion app called MileOn that gives drivers the flexibility to manipulate their rest stops.

Are geofences automatically set or manually entered? How do you obtain gate location?

We have a large team of network editors and digital cartographers who create this rich transportation site content every single day. This includes metadata, truck ingress and egress points, and polygonal geofences around shipper facilities, terminals, and more. In addition to that, our platform allows partners and customers to input their own polygons as well as upload any they have already created in alternative systems. We combine data that we create ourselves with data that we professionally crowdsource from our partners and customers. We are finding more and more interest in collaboration between carriers and shippers to create less friction and to quickly move freight in and out of facilities.

Is Trimble MAPS compatible with Omnitracs in-cab ELD devices? Is this able to integrate with PeopleNet?

Absolutely! Omnitracs and PeopleNet are very important partners in our ecosystem. Our navigation APIs and our CoPilot mobile navigation app are available on Omnitracs today and we integrate and work closely with PeopleNet (Trimble Transportation).

What is meant by the "stateful" version of Trip Management?

Most map platform providers offer a stateless service, meaning - whether you are a shipper, carrier, or whomever - you will give the web platform a pickup location, destination, and any intermediate stops. The platform will use that information to calculate a route and travel time which it will send back to you for your operations. Later, if you want an update to that trip, you have to send an updated position and destination and the platform will send back a new route and travel time. Our “stateful” service uniquely requires you to only send all of the trip information one time. From there, our platform will tell you when things change, whether that be an ETA change, route change, HOS rest or fuel stop change, etc. - this allows you to have real-time updates for efficient business operations.

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