Scalable last-mile technology, Designed to cater to your business and customer needs.

With your operations under pressure, IT systems utilised like never before and customer demand ever increasing, isn’t now the time to evaluate your Planning, Optimization, Navigation and Last-Mile capabilities?




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Ensure that your drivers arrive at the exact address

  • Safe, compliant, turn-by-turn commercial navigation that provides precise directions on the road.
  • Highly configurable technology that can be embedded into your current workflow solution.
  • Takes into account vehicle dimensions, load restrictions, time and environmental restrictions.
  • Remote configuration of application settings and vehicle routing profiles to ensure drivers remain compliant.
  • Create and manage custom location content in the back office and share this with the driver.


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Complete more deliveries with powerful optimization

Significantly reduce operational costs with a higher rate of first-time delivery success.

  • Optimally re-sequence stops to satisfy pre-defined agreements
  • Improve driver productivity by servicing more appointments or deliveries/pickups
  • Give drivers more control of their life on the road and reduces stress by allowing them to modify their manifest and break durations

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Remove the complexity in planning

Maximise driver performance by creating real-world; data-driven plans.

  • Add geofences for routes and zones, assign driver route areas, and arrival and departure alerts
  • Create, store, and reference plans against different what-if scenarios 
  • Easily integrate plans into your existing operational tools for consistency

icon_ETA notificationGive your customers the visibility that they expect

With real-time data and continuous trip monitoring, provide advanced notice of delivery for optimal customer service.

  • Real-time and predictive traffic and weather to avoid potential delays
  • Reduce dispatch calls to the driver, get ahead of service failures, and share arrival status notifications with customers 
  • Get alerts when drivers go out of route, and view planned vs. actual performance

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