Forget POI. We're delivering commercial location intelligence you won't get anywhere else.

By digitizing detailed geofences around the exact perimeter of a location and attaching key details and attributes - we're delivering location data that supports safety, enhances efficiency, and champions collaboration.

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Millions commercial locations

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Millions geofences and gate locations 

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Hundreds of thousands of entry and exit gates

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At the recent FreightWaves F3: Future of Freight Festival, we presented on how location data and highly precise polygonal geofences that calculate dwell and detention times, can foster relationships between carriers and shippers. To show the connection, we demoed our Engage Lane solution, an agile transportation procurement platform. Watch the quick 7 minute video >

Whether you're a carrier, shipper or industry solution provider, easily integrate our commercial location data and be a part of the future of freight movement

Accurate Dwell Time Insights

With accurate vehicle arrival and departure times, we can help carriers with contracts, service agreements, appointment windows, dispatch and detention fee collection, while fostering collaboration between carriers and shippers. 

Improved ETAs & Asset Tracking

Use exact location-to-location routing to improve ETAs, generate true mileage and calculate precise costs, as well as precisely track assets with arrival/departure times based on polygonal geofences around locations.

Reduced Delays & Dangers

Reduce delays and dangerous maneuvers when drivers are trying to find a location with turn-by-turn last mile navigation.

More Location Insights

Provide access to a variety of details related to a location, including coordinates, address, contact, custom notes and more.

Our precise polygonal geofences provide the highest degree of accuracy in navigation, notifications and asset activity insight.

Generic Point Radius Polygon


The traditional approach to geofences: the vehicle triggers an inaccurate arrival notification long before it will arrive at the destination.

Trimble Maps Polygon


Our approach to geofences: the vehicle triggers an arrival notification when it actually arrives at the destination.


Easily Access Places Data through our API

Using our Places API directly incorporates Places data into any application or Transportation Management System (TMS). The Places API enables you to access all of the data for a location in our database*, including:

  • Unique Trimble or Custom Place ID
  • Name & Category
  • Street Address & GPS Coordinates
  • Geofence with Entry & Exit Gates
  • Hours of Operation & Amenities
  • Contact Information
  • Custom Driver Notes

Discover More

large-Sample JSON Snippet

A small part of a sample JSON for a Place.



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Getting Started with Places

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*Availability of Place information may vary by location.