Enhance your TMS or build custom applications with our platform, powered by the industry standard commercial vehicle routing, mileage and mapping.

Predict and reduce freight costs

Optimise complex transportation plans

Track, measure and report carbon emissions

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We partner with many of the world’s leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Telematics, and Fleet management systems:









Consistent data to simplify, manage and measure complex transportation costs

  • A single point of integration for solving  international distance and time calculations
  • Truck and load-specific routing that takes into account vehicle dimensions, load restrictions, time and environmental restrictions.
  • Multi-stop trip optimization and scheduling that takes into account time-windows
  • Individual route planning and matrix calculation between multiple origins and destinations.

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Global truck routing and geocoding for data-based carrier tenders and cost modelling

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MASTER_Computer Logistics

Accurately predict road transport costs: time and distance reports and close the gap between planned vs actual carrier costs

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Measure environmental impact with GHG calculation

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MASTER_Perspective GPS-2

Schedule transportation, to meet delivery constraints and communicate ETAs

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MASTER_Traffic Light

Precise traffic-based delivery times for recipients

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MASTER_Truck Routing

Route optimization for efficient transportation planning and scheduling

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Leverage operational data for audit, efficiency improvements and enhanced service

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Purpose-designed for integration with logistics software, including TMS and fleet management systems, we’ve got a solution for your business.




Why considering Hours of Service (HoS) rules can deliver more accurate ETAs & keep drivers safe on the road 

Using a commercial navigation solution, such as Trimble Maps, allows drivers to choose the most ideal, time-efficient route which ensures any service level agreements (SLAs) can be met.

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Our automated trip visibility and dynamic ETA technology

The movement of freight has become increasingly complex — from traffic to hours of services regulations, to driver breaks and dwell times. Along with the need to provide customers with reliable ETAs and asset visibility. 

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Precision and Predictability Provide Optimal Transport Planning

In this interview, David Quin, director of strategic partnerships at Trimble Maps, discusses how robust planning solutions can help shippers and carriers work together to optimize routes and maintain the delicate balancing act between cost and speed.

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