"42% of missed ETA’s lead to an additional missed ETA!"

-Brian Larwig


The ETA Effect: Improving last mile operations and supply chain collaboration with accuracy, visibility and transparency

ETAs can be complex and dynamic, with evolving variables and real-time conditions that impact all parties related to a shipment. In this webinar, we discuss how we’re using map technology to build a framework for collaborative freight movement by automating real-time accuracy, visibility and transparency of ETAs, as well as providing predictive insight with continuous monitoring of what’s ahead.

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The Domino Effect: How Using Real Time ETAs Can Improve the Supply Chain

The pressures of fast-moving freight have heightened as carriers face greater pressure to hit their ETAs.

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Shippers Demand More Precise Delivery Times

With delivery time windows shrinking the need for advanced notice of arrival times has never been more important.

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Understanding Automated Trip Management & What it Means for a Fleet

dive into the benefits of gaining unique insights into the factors that impact the movement of your freight.

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Automated Visibility into Real-Time Conditions and Driver Behavior for Dynamic, Precise ETAs.

You can plan precisely, but you can’t always control what happens on the road.

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 Shippers Map Route to More Accurate ETAs

Through technology, the data from ELDs, shipper TMSs, and carrier dispatch/routing systems can be connected and integrated to allow for transparent visibility across the entire supply chain, allowing everyone to access the same data. With commercial mapping technology, supply chain stakeholders can break down the barriers to create a seamless, and fully visible logistics operation. 

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Automate real-time visibility and ETA impact of current conditions like traffic and weather, as well as driver intent on the road.

Eliminate the guesswork and know the precise ETA for exceptional customer service. Using stateful web services, trip data is stored on the server and used to continually monitor and manage the entire trip lifecycle, resulting in highly accurate ETAs and the ability to visualize real-time trip progress.

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